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5 Ingenious Ways To Use Your Meat Claws


Chef Remi Meat Claws

I don’t know anyone who doesn’t loved pulled pork (unless, of course, you’re a vegetarian!)

However you love your pulled pork, there’s one aspect no one likes – pulling the pork.

Now, it’s not a particular tedious task if you’re pulling just small amounts for you and perhaps a couple of others.

But many of us like making pulled pork for big gatherings of friends and family because it’s just a surefire hit with most people’s taste buds.

Fancy shredding 10 pounds of pork with just 2 dinner forks? I think not!

It’s a tedious job. So you can imagine how excited I was when we launched our Chef Remi Meat Handling Claws!

It’s just one of those simple tools that make you think, “Why didn’t I think of that??”

I now get even massive pork butts shredded in under 5 minutes, without sore hands.

What I didn’t realize, however, was how versatile these claws were. They’re not just meat shredders, they are food shredders, roast lifters…..the list goes on.

Here’s My Step-by-Step Guide On Getting The Most Out Of Your Meat Claws:


  • Shred large pork butts, whole roasts, turkeys etc in minutes

Pulled pork is the first dish that comes to mind when I think of meat claws. But once I started to think a little further, I realized my meat claws can shred any meat.

Have a load of leftover turkey after Thanksgiving, but can’t face a reheated Thanksgiving dinner? Shred the leftover turkey to make turkey sandwiches, or to use in a pie.

Have some leftover beef brisket? Shred it and have a tacos night!

Whatever it is you are shredding, the best technique I’ve found is to use the meat claw in your non-dominant hand to hold the mass of meat secure. Then use the claw in your dominant hand to shred away…..

I dare you not to think you’re some sort of Marvel comics superhero (OK, I’m female, but that still doesn’t stop me from thinking I’m the female version of Wolverine!)

Some pointers; look for meat claws that have no hollowed pockets at the back. Many of the ‘as seen on TV’ products have these hollowed pockets in the handle as well as behind each ‘claw’, which means bits of meat get stuck inside.

It’s rather annoying trying to get this meat out of the hollowed pockets using fingers or a knife/fork (I hate the idea of wasting precious, succulent meat!)

Instead, opt for meat claws which are molded at the front and the back so no shreds of meat can get stuck.

Another thing to look for are plastic claws with tapered edges. I’ve used meat claws with stainless steel ‘teeth’ thinking they’d be less likely to melt.

While this is true, the non-tapered teeth have large gaps between them, which means you end up with chunks of meat, as opposed to truly shredded meat.

Instead, so long as you opt for plastic meat claws that are heat resistant, you get the best of both worlds; meat that’s shredded into fine bits as well as no melted plastic.


  • Lift whole roasts or big joints of meat with ease

Yes I know, roasting tins and oven mitts were invented a long time ago for this!

But sometimes oven gloves just don’t cut it. What if you’re lifting a large piece of meat and placing onto an open flame? You can singe and burn your oven gloves.

What if you wish to turn a large piece of meat halfway during cooking?

If you’ve ever done this with tongs or dinner forks, you’ll know how difficult this is without splattering meat juices, sauces, marinade or oil everywhere!

When you have meat claws, all you have to do is dig the claws into either side of the piece of meat.

Now you can turn it over with ease, or transfer it to a BBQ grill, roasting pan etc.

Do make sure you opt for meat claws with a high heat resistance. The last thing you want is melted ends and bits of plastic in your food – yuck!

The Chef Remi Meat Handling Claws can handles temperatures of up to 450°F, so they certainly won’t melt, even with roasts that have literally just been taken off heat.

Chef Remi Meat Claws

  • Steady a roast for perfectly thin slices of carved meat

Naturally you need a really sharp knife to carve perfectly thin layers of meat, but even the sharpest of knives won’t help when you can’t keep the roast steady!

I’ve tried using kitchen forks, a 2-pronged fork……nothing works as well as my meat claws.

Just use a meat claw with your non dominant hand to dig into the roast and hold it steady, then use a sharp knife to slice away!


  • Toss large bowls of salad evenly with dressing

This is something I never even thought of when it came to meat claws. I mean, they’re called meat claws…..the clue is in the name!

If you’ve ever made a large bowl of salad, you’ll have realized how difficult it is to get the salad evenly coated with dressing.

Small bowls of salad can be easily tossed with kitchen tongs or forks, but with large bowls for 10+ people, I always found that some bites had no dressing at all, whilst other bites were completely overpowered by vinegary dressing.

Now I just pile on the dressing and get to work with my meat claws!

I’ve found the best way of making sure the dressing gets everywhere is to use both claws to dig in from the side of the bowl to the bottom, and then pull the claws up, allowing the salad to drop back into the bowl.

Do this just a few times, and you’ll have salad that is perfectly coated in dressing, down to the last bite.

Again, as with shredding meat, look for meat claws with no hollowed pockets in the back where bits of salad can get trapped.


  • Shred lettuce, cabbage and other greens without a cutting board and knife

While we’re on the subject of salads, I’ve found another great use for my meat claws.

As I was tossing a particularly large bowl of salad, I noticed some lettuce that was still in large clumps (I assume I must have got tired cutting up lettuce with a knife!)

Instead of having to fish out the lumps and place them back onto a cutting board to chop again, I just went over them with my meat claws – perfectly shredded lettuce!

This then led me to start using my meat claws for shredding lettuce, greens and cabbage. It’s much faster than using a knife and cutting board!


Do you have another use for your meat claws that I haven’t thought of? Please do share your ideas with me!

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Chef Remi Meat Claws





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5026 reviews
Natasha said: Functional, great size, even dishwasher safe!

I seriously CANNOT say enough good things about these tongs! Where to begin....they are heat resistant up to 600 degrees, which is awesome because I am known to melt a lot of my cookware (or use metal cookware, thus scratching my pans). They are dishwasher safe, which is awesome. The sizes are great and they're super functional, but honestly I think the best part is the little button at the top, which you pull up on to close them. I HATE how a lot of tongs stay open, taking up so much room in the silverware drawer--no worries with that here! And to top it off, they even come with a lifetime warranty! This is my first Chef Remi purchase--I will definitely be back for more!

John said: Bad can opener

This can opener opened a few cans then broke. Tried to contact customer service, no luck. Back to Wal-Mart $2.00 tool, much better.

Stefani Main said: Awesome thermometer

This thermometer works awesome. Easy to use and easy to read. Also love it comes with a cap for when you aren't using it!

Lisa Pope said: Love these tongs

This is a great set of tongs, I love that you set a set of two and that they are reasonable priced. They are very comfortable in my hand an are easy to maneuver while grabbing food. The rubber is high quality and like never having to worry about scratching my pans or them melting. They clean up great just with soap and water or in my dishwasher. The best part is the locking tab so they save space and are easy to carry around. I am thinking of buying more of these as house warming presents.

Sima Levin said: The best products

I am using a lot of Chef Remi products. All of them really good. The last is Kitchen sturdy shears. It is a
Multyfunctional thing. A cut the whole chicken with them, opened beer and cracked nuts. Cut plastic covers and more. They looked nice too. Recommend to everybody !