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Tips On How To Keep Your Kitchen Clean While Cooking



The world is divided into two sets of people.

One set LOVE cooking! They will tell you that they find it therapeutic, and they love how creative they can be in the kitchen.

The other set of people can never understand how cooking could be anything but an absolute chore, and they will do anything to avoid it!

But where both groups of people readily agree is that NO ONE likes cleaning up!

Show me a person who enjoys wiping up spills, washing up dishes and utensils, sweeping and mopping kitchen floors of dropped food, and I'll show you a liar!

Here at Chef Remi, we advocate cooking home cooked meals as often as possible, instead of buying ready-made processed foods. But we also understand that you have a busy life.

Whenever we design any of our kitchen utensils, we're constantly thinking of how we can make your life easier and save you time.

And, regardless of whether you're a passionate cook or a reluctant one, spending time cleaning up is something we know you don't want to do!

We've put together 6 ways on how you can keep your kitchen clean while you are cooking and preparing foods.

Follow our tips, and you'll have hardly any cleaning up to do!

1)  Chef Remi Kitchen Shears – Our kitchen scissors are not just for cutting food packaging or trimming fat of meats!

Many of our customers use our scissors to cut chicken or other meats into strips or cubes directly into a saucepan.

Or they will snip herbs and green leaves, such as spinach, directly into a pan or salad bowl.

In other words, you can eliminate having to use a cutting board altogether.

Clean up is as simple as wiping the scissor blades after use – there's no mess on counter tops to wipe, and no knife and board to wash!

Check out our 30 Ingenious Ways To Use Your Kitchen Shears for more ideas!

2) Chef Remi Cutting Board – We know that sometimes certain foods can't be snipped directly into a pan (you can't snip a potato into cubes or chips using scissors!)


Our wooden cutting board has a clever juice canal on one side – perfect for when you're carving meat, or cutting vegetables or fruit with a lot of juice in them.

You'll find nothing spills off the surface of the cutting board onto counter tops.

What's more, clean up is a simple wipe with a sponge. No need to soak the board, or place into a dishwasher.

Here's a great way to keep your wooden cutting board from absorbing juices, stains and bacteria.

3) Chef Remi Can Opener – Ever opened a can and had the contents spill out? How annoying!

Several years ago, thinks were black and white. A can opener that cut inside the rim left jagged edges which could be dangerous.

A model that cut outside the rim offered a smooth, no-fingers-cut option, but there's the risk of spillage from food inside the can.

The Chef Remi Can Opener has an 'inside cut', so no spillages, but it also leaves smooth edges that won't cut fingers!

4) Chef Remi Cheese Grater – Grating cheese or vegetables is never fun.

What makes it even more annoying is grated food falling outside of the plate or bowl, not to mention accidentally grating knuckles – ouch!

Our cheese grater allows you to grate at a horizontal angle, so less chance of adding the taste of your knuckles to foods.

And our grates clip on directly to the storage container! All the grated foods drop straight into the container – no mess or fuss.

Then, take of the grate, snap on the included lid and store directly into your fridge or cupboard – simple!


5) Chef Remi Grill Mats – Who loves a BBQ? Everyone! Who loves cleaning the grill after? NO ONE!

Our innovative grill mats create a barrier between your foods and the grill grates – you'll never need to clean grates with a grill brush, or try to fish out food from between the grates again.

Don't worry, these grill mats may stop food from falling through or sticking to grates, but they're still thin enough for you to get those lovely grill marks, exactly as you would do when barbecuing directly on the grill.

You'll literally never need to clean a grill again!


6) Chef Remi Avocado Slicer with Knife – Avocados are so delicious, and so good for you!

But even avocado lovers will admit, this nutritious fruit is a NIGHTMARE to prepare!

They're squishy, they have a large hard seed in the center that's difficult to pit (without fingers getting messy) and the slippery flesh make slicing almost impossible.

Not with our ingenious avocado slicer! One end has a plastic knife that's sharp enough to split an avocado in two, but safe enough for children to use.

Once you've split the avocado, one half will contain the seed. Just place the middle 'pitting' part of our avocado slicer onto the seed, and you'll find the 'teeth' will draw out the seed easily, without messy fingers and without damaging the surrounding avocado flesh.

Lastly, use the other end of the tool to create even avocado slices, right inside the skin.

In fact, your fingers never even have to touch the avocado flesh, and you have no mess to clean up!

Apart from paying for a maid to come and clean up after you, there will always be times when you need to clean the kitchen. But use our inventive utensils, and you'll find it's done in no time!



That’s some good tips on how to clean your kitchen. Since I live alone in my flat and have no idea how to keep it cool and neat. The article and tools are very nice.


Thes tips are fantastic. The grill mat is such a great idea. Scraping a grill down after use is such a pain! I grill all the time and even using oil on the grate I still end up having to clean it after. This must be great to use with vegetables too. Ordering one today!


A very wonderful post. It is always very painful to clean up the kitchen after cooking. Its very good to know about these modern kitchen tools, which I believe would be very helpful to have in mine.


I am a registered nurse by trade (25 years) and having worked in a busy urban emergency room, I can tell you, the avocado slicer is not only a a rather functionally creative invention, it may prevent an impromptu trip to your local E.R.!

Oh, the stories I could tell about folks preparing avocados the traditional way (which is holding the halved avocado in one hand while trying to dig out the pit with a carving knife).

Margaret Marty#5

The kitchen shears are my favorite way to reduce clutter and mess while cooking. I can snip herbs right into the pan without using a cutting board. Love the avacado knife.

Daniel adams#6

“KEEP MY KITCHEN CLEAN” this always my wife told me when I be inside the the kitchen. Although I try to keep it clean, I fail every time. So if my wife thinks to give me a gift, she will tell me to read this post.thanks for writer.


These are awesome tips! Very useful. I will definitely be taking some of these tips to use in my kitchen. I have a bit of OCD so I am always scrubbing everything until they are up to my standards this will make things a lot easier for me.


Thanks for this post. My kitchen turns into a garbage heap when I cook. I can’t wait to implement some new tricks. The biggest problem for me is space, but I think these tools will help.

Yusuf Odukoya #9

I don’t spend as much time in the kitchen as my wife does because of my job but I can be sure that getting at least any of the items listed here is gonna wow her. The Chef Remi avocado slicer is such a creative invention.

micheal william#10

The most worst problem to any woman or even man is : how to keep the kitchen clean while she/he cooking. This post show for everybody how to achieve this target and keep the kitchen clean.Thanks for writer.


This is very Nice post. It is always very helpful to clean up the kitchen after cooking. Its very good to use for the works. Also cool Handaling, Last week my Friend got and He said to me.After i though to buy it. cool…..

Brian Kruse#12

Promising tips. As a man I rarely go to kitchen but it will make me easy maintaining kitchen if I need to cook.

Amber Schoendaller#13

Its always nice to have great kitchen tools, especially ones that make clean up a breeze. Whats even better, tools such as these that have mutliple uses, saves space for all the other cool kitchen gadgets available!

Dorothy Kernaghan-Baez#14

I use kitchen shears and even regular scissors for just about everything. Cutting up carrots, asparagus, dicing already sliced onions and potatoes, cutting herbs, mushrooms, etc….I make a point to use scissors instead of a knife whenever possible because my fine motor skills leave a lot to be desired. ?

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