Grill Mats

Question: What are the grill mats made of? What's the material?

Answer: Made with Heat-Resistant technologically advanced materials (PFOA Free), these miracle cooking mats will work time and time and time again for the perfectly cooked BBQ.

Question: What is the actual thickness of the grill mat?

Answer: The mats are .22mm thick.

Question: Are the grill mats reusable?

Answer: Yes! Grease easily washes off.

Question: I'm not too familiar with grill mats so here goes...are these strictly for the grill or can they also be used on a rack in an oven?

Answer: Thank you for your question. These grill mats can certainly be used for your oven. By using these as oven mats, you'll save time cleaning the oven. Hope this helps.

Question: What should I use to wash these barbeque grill mats?

Answer: Thank you for your question. The quickest efficient way to wash the BBQ grill mats is with hot, soapy water and allow to fully dry before storing. Another alternative is to place them in the dishwasher. I would not advise to use a dishwasher every time as it will reduce the life of the grill mats long term.

Question: What is the size of the BBQ grill mats?

Answer: Thank you for your question. The exact size of these BBQ grill mats is 15.75 x 13 inches. The benefit on my grill mats is that you can cut them down to size for smaller grills. I do not recommend overlapping the mats as they may stick together when cooling and if you try to split them, you may remove the teflon surface. Cutting to the exact size of your grill not impact the performance of the grill mats.

Question: What is the difference between this bbq mat and the other grill mats being sold on amazon?

Answer: The Chef Remi BBQ Grill Mat is made with USA made raw materials and not cheaper Chinese alternatives. Although many of the grill mats look very similar on Amazon, please don't be fooled by the quality. BTW, many of the higher price brands are also using low quality Chinese materials so do not let price help you make the final decision.


Question: How long is the thermometer stem?

Answer: The probe is 6 inches long.

Question: Will this work as a candy thermometer?

Answer: Absolutely, many of our customers have purchased it to make candy.

Question: How many seconds until it reads the final temperature?

Answer: It will take 7 seconds to get your optimal temperature.

Question: Does anyone know what model battery this takes? I need to replace the battery. Thanks

Answer: These type of cooking thermometers require a LR44 Battery. LR44 is an alkaline 1.5 V battery. The most common equivalent batteries are: AG13, L1154 or the LR1154.

Question: Can I just put this into one chicken breast or does entire metal part need to be submerged for a proper reading?

Answer: As long as you insert the probe into the thickest part of the protein or along the bone, if bone in, you should get an accurate reading.

Question: What is the accuracy temperature range?

Answer: Standard deviation of + or - 5%

Question: Can I use this as a regular kitchen thermometer? (e.g. for baking, stovetop cooking) or is it a meat-only thermometer?

Answer: You can't leave this thermometer in a HOT closed oven to record temperatures while something is baking or roasting or broiling without damaging its plastic component. You can use it to take the temperature of anything its probe contacts: the air in the room or outside, hot water for various teas or hot chocolates, internal temperature of any food being warmed or cooked in an oven by momentarily inserting the probe for a few seconds, pressing the 'hold' button, removing the probe and reading the temperature to see if you have reached the desired one. Only nonplastic metal or glass thermometers can stay in a closed hot oven over 250 degrees F without damage.

Question: I may be asking a question that has already been answered, but does the battery come with the the thermometer? Thanks.

Answer: Yes this cooking thermometers comes with a battery so you can use it instantly.

Question: What is the temperature range of the Chef Remi cooking thermometer?

Answer: My versatile cooking thermometer has an extensive temperature range with both Fahrenheit and Celsius reading options for your convenience; Range: -58°F to 572ºF (-50ºC to 300°C) This will allow you to grill, bake and even make candy all with one thermometer.

Question: Is it dishwasher safe?

Answer: The Chef Remi Cooking Thermometer is not waterproof and not recommended to use in a dishwasher. You should clean it with a damp cloth or sponge.


Question: How easy to clean are these? Dishwasher safe? Come apart for cleaning?

Answer: The Chef Remi Kitchen Shears do not come apart. They are dishwasher safe, but we suggest to hand wash for long term use. This will avoid breaking down the steel over time.

Question: Are they easy to sharpen?

Answer: Do not sharpen, you don't need to sharpen they are the best shears I have.

Question: Does this scissor cut thru food packaging like lettuce bags, cereal bags, etc? Arthritis prevents me from pulling the bags open

Answer: Sure. The Chef Remi Kitchen shears can cut thru food packaging like lettuce bags, cereal bags etc.

Question: Will they cut through rib bones?

Answer: Yes, a couple days ago I cut up ribs to have for dinner and was pleasantly surprised how great they did!

Question: Are these scissors good at cutting the very hard plastic that items often come packaged in? I don't need for food preparation, just sturdy scissors.

Answer: Yes, they are very strong. We have used them for cutting lots of things including plastic as we just moved.

Jar Opener

Question: Would this be able to fit a wide mouth mason jar?

Answer: Yes, it's adjustable to a lid even bigger than a mason jar.

Question: Which end do you hold and which side goes up?

Answer: It doesn't matter what end you hold. It is all in the grip. Grab it in the middle if that works for doesn't really need to be an up side. If you use it both ways, you have eight hole diameters instead of what appears to be four. Be creative! It's great!

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  • "I saw a commercial for these grill mats on TV, it almost seemed too good to be I bought them to try them out. Everything in the TV commercial was true and more! You can grill ANYTHING on these mats, keeps flavor in foods, you can add cheese & sauces to your food and there's no mess to clean up! Your grill stays clean, your food tastes amazing, and you simply rinse the mats with warm soapy water! I love these grill mats so much I bought another set for my dad, he grills all year round. My dad loved the grill mats also and is now telling his friends about them. AMAZING PRODUCT!!!"

    By Aly's Max

  • "My new favorite kitchen scissors. I love to cook but do everything I can to not have to touch chicken and these are perfect. Nothing worse than a pair of scissors that leave you half way through a cut and then doesn't come through, these are not those. I can't wait to try them out when making jerky next weekend. I will try to remember to post an update after but sure my review will remain the same. These feel very sturdy and like they will last forever. I have ordered several Chef Remi items and love them all. Wish they would make more stuff I could use as I have almost everything available on Amazon from them."

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