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How To Use Kitchen Tongs

Chef Remi Kitchen Tongs

Most of us will have kitchen tongs, but many don’t know how versatile these tools can be.

Take a look at my top 7 list of uses for kitchen tongs... Read more +

Chinese Mandarin & Chicken Salad

Chef Remi
I have no idea if this is authentic Chinese salad, but it’s delicious, and my 11 year old devours it, so who cares?!
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4279 reviews
Nicky said: Awesome Cheese Grater

I am in love with this cheese grater, it works wonderfully grating blocks of cheese and I love how it sits right on top of the container so it shreds right into the plasticware. Also it comes with a lid container so you can easily store any unused cheese. I will shred extra cheese and leave it in my fridge, knowing i will use it in the next few days. I definitely recommend this to anyone looking for a cheese grater

7 hours ago - Kitchen Spatula Set
Paula Pyzia said: Chef Remi Spatula Set

I got these at a discounted rate back in May 2017 as my previous ones the handles broke off, the info that came with this set said the items could withstand heat as i usually leave mine on top of the stove on a spoon rest.. Never seen either one melt, they have withstood being dropped and washed many times over and neither one has peeled or cracked.. I definitely made a good purchase and love my Chef Remi spatula's ..

Debbie said: Amazing hard wearing utensil

Brilliant piece of kit for anyone who loves to grill, this is a heavy hard wearing grill cleaner that can stand up to the messiest of grill. We've not only used it for cleaning the grill on the BBQ but also on the oven shelves as the huge head space makes t so easy to get into all the hard to clean places. Would highly recommend.

Paula Pyzia said: Meat thermometer

i got this product at a discounted rate some time ago as i was fed up in trying to figure out how cooked a turkey or chicken was after it being in the oven for the required amount of time.. so i got this meat thermometer basically for my poultry cooking.. definitely worked out great.. and its easy to wash. the batteries still work from the day i got it.. havent had any issues with it at all

Christina Chaney said: No More Guessing

Before purchasing this thermometer, I had to guess if a cut of meat was safely cooked- usually by cutting into the middle and deciding by how it looked if it was done. No more! This thermometer takes the guess work out of it, is easy to use and easy to read!