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emc295 said: Great!

I have needed new kitchen shears for a while- my old ones broke completely in half! I had heard of chef remi from some friends so decided to give their products a try. These shears were priced nicely and looked similar to my old ones so I went ahead and purchased them. They are great! I have been using them for about a week now and I am very pleased. The handles are very sturdy and my hands fit nicely inside. The shears themselves are nicely sharpened and are perfect for all your kitchen cutting needs! I have cut open lots of packages and such and these have worked fantastically! They come with a little clear protector too which is a nice added touch!

Joy said: Super Nice

Best quality that I have seen in a kitchen shear. Super sharp you will love them as much as I do

Grace Pullen said: Grates cheeses without a mess!

I remember Grandma having a much larger version of this for bread crumbs, this is an upgraded version of what she had and I am so happy!!! The silicone tub is slip proof on counters and the graters ( you get 2 types) are sharp and cut cleanly without smearing even the softest cheese. I grated parmigiano reggiano and there was no waste, it all went in the holding tub and not over the counter as does with my upright and my plane grater. I find fresh Ginger hard to grate, the smaller grater did it easily. Storage is minimal since they all nest together after your done. Cleanup is easy, dishwasher safe. Very happy with this item and will probably be using this almost on a daily basis.

Amber said: Two thumbs up

This product works very well it is easy to use and very versatile when it comes to different ways of cooking

Rachel Obregon said: A-peel-ing

This set is perfect. Not only is the handle easy to grip, but the peelers are easy to control and use. I love the one you can cut julienne vegetables! I love this set!