For years, I have been looking for a good cooking thermometer that produces accurate readings and will withstand the extreme temperatures while cooking food. I have often been disappointed, as throughout the years, I have invested in many expensive thermometers that promised accurate readings and promised of durability that would last for a lifetime. Luckily, I was able to stumble upon the Chef Remi Cooking Thermometer.

It was the highest rated cooking thermometer on hence after reading all the positive reviews, I decided to purchase it and try it out myself. You will be pleased to know it comes with a lifetime guarantee and offers a full money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the product.

The Chef Remi Cooking Thermometer is the best cooking thermometer I have ever used. I spend most of my time in the kitchen and love to make all sorts of dishes, including desserts and candy. Over the years, the thermometers I have used were not able to measure high temperatures for making candies. With its extremely accurate readings, I was able to reach even the highest candy temperatures and was able to make achieve the desired temperature with much ease.

The instant response time is a blessing because now I no longer have to wait around in front of the hot oven. This is the first digital thermometer I have owned which displays accurate readings that matched the readings to my analog thermometers. The thermometer is easy to use and can be easily switched from Celsius to Fahrenheit. The auto shutdown feature saves my battery from running out. The thermometer is incredibly lightweight which makes it easy for you to carry outdoors. In addition, the casing offers sufficient protection so you can easily carry it with you whenever you have to go cooking.

Josean Berasategui, International Chef Reviews

“I like Chef Remi products as they make life cooking in the kitchen so much easier. The products are all so carefully made with perfect design. I give them the thumbs up on innovation.”

– Jerry Marquardt, Oak Forest

“I love your products!”

– Lisa, Lake Havasu City

“I love Chef Remi products because they are durable and I can always find something that will make my time in the kitchen easier and more enjoyable.”

– Irene Menge, Toms River

“I think your thermometer is my favorite item you have, although, I love the shears too. ”

– Kathy Music, Tennessee

“I love your products because they are high quality!”

– Rozetta Harvey, West Hamlin

“Your products have good quality and last for a long time. I had the pleasure buying your thermometer and it works great.”

– Teris Santiago, Orlando

“Chef Remi ‘s kitchen utensils are very affordable and very durable. I have Chef Remi’s jar opener which is a life saver for me with my arthritis. I also bought Chef Remi’s digital thermometer which I use for everything from cooking on the stove to grill cooking. Just a few products that I just can’t live without. Thanks Chef Remi for such great kitchen helpers!”

– Susan West, Lancaster

“I love your products because they are made of high quality materials and are trustworthy! I know that I can depend on them!!”

– Angie Erickson, Wolford

“I like Chef Remi products because they seem sturdy and looks as if they would last long and I really like the thermometers.”

– Andrea Baggoo, Pompano Beach

“I love Chef Remi because they are high quality and exactly what I need for so many of my kitchen tasks.”

– Sharon Schmidt, Chicago

“I love Chef remi products as they are great quality as well as have awesome use in my kitchen every single day”

– Lubna Iram Reviews

The Best Cooking Thermometer I’ve Owned

I love to cook and spend hours in the kitchen everyday making everything from candy to my perfect prime rib roast and I need a thermometer that is PERFECTLY accurate. The Chef Remi Thermometer achieves my needs and will read even the highest candy temperatures.

- Natalie P.’s full review on Amazon

Love this cooking thermometer!

This is the best cooking thermometer I have ever used! Fast reading and it’s easy to use. The display screen is easy to read and best of all its pretty accurate!

- ThatMotherBlogger (Kim)’s full review on Amazon

Great BBQ or Cooking Thermometer

We used this meat thermometer while BBQing the other night and it worked great, we didn’t even have to cut open any of the chicken to make sure it was fully cooked, all the meat was cooked perfectly to temperature.

- bree west’s full review on Amazon

Super compact and easy to use

Super compact and easy to use. Meat comes out perfect every time. Need I say more?

- Cali Mom’s full review on Amazon

If there where 10 stars instead of five that would be the rating

As a former owner of a restaurant temperature is critical in how you cook your food and therefore the quality of the food. This thermometer meats all the standards plus more. The thermometer comes in a good quality plastic tube case which not only makes it visible, provides protection but it maintains its sanitation.

- olderthandirt “tosoonold”‘s full review on Amazon

Very nice product

I really enjoy this thermometer! I always overcook my pork, but not this time! It fits really well in your hand, not too heavy.

- Christopher Jaquez’s full review on Amazon

Excellent thermometer

It came ready to use with batteries already installed. The thermometer gave a very quick reading which is great compared to traditional thermometers. If you like to cook meats on the grill or smoker, this would be great for you.

- Joshua Wagner’s full review on Amazon

Works great!

The thermometer arrived quickly as promised and does a fantastic’s quick and the probe is long enough that you do not burn your hand trying to get a temperature reading.

- otis’ full review on Amazon

easy read screen

This thermometer has easy read screen, remembers your last readings. It is nice size. And auto shutdown. I am enjoying this one.

- mike’s full review on Amazon

Modern Thermometer

I like this because it has a thin point, about the thickness of a candy thermometer, I can easily stick it into a pork chop and see if it is done. I made pork chops last night and it worked perfectly.

- deanna josephitis’ full review on Amazon

Youtube Reviews

Chef Remi Digital Thermometer – Product Review

Kitchen thermometers, you either have one or you don’t. And, if you do have one, you have a few and each has a different range and different features. Well, now you have one more to choose from.

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Chef Remi Digital Cooking Thermometer

Chef Remi Digital Cooking Thermometer #chefremi

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My Awesome Chef Remington cooking thermometer

Chef Remi Cooking Thermometer – Instant Read – Best Digital Thermometer for All Food, BBQ and Candy – Rated #1 Meat Thermometer – 100% Lifetime Guarantee – The Ideal Mothers Day Gift

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Chef Remi Digital Cooking Thermometer

Chef Remi Digital Cooking Thermometer is ranked No #1 Cooking Thermometer New Product on Amazon in 2015.

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Chef Remi Digital Thermometer Demonstration

A quick demo on my new Chef Remi Digital Thermometer!

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Chef Remi Cooking Thermometer Review

Thank you for watching video!

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Chef Remi Meat Thermometer

product review of Chef Remi meat thermometer

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Chef Remi Cooking Thermometer Review

Chef Remi Cooking Thermometer has been voted one of the best up and coming Digital Cooking Thermometers to be released in 2015.

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Digital Cooking Thermometer from Chef Remi

Chef Remi Digital Cooking Thermometer is ranked No #1 Cooking Thermometer New Product on Amazon in 2015.

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Chef Remi Cooking Thermometer Review

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Blog Posts

My Best Top 10

This digital meat thermometer is perfectly designed to allow you cook meals without the need to slice them. It features instant readouts with user-friendly LCD display.

Dolly is Cooking

A good thermometer is a must have for cooking and even better when you find one that performs well. This product does indeed perform well!

Box Roundup

The thermometer worked very quickly, and gave a good read showing that our hamburgers were ready and cooked. The temperature is very easy to see on an LCD display on the thermometer.


Cook your food perfectly every time without the worry of overcooking or even worse illness from undercooking. Use it on all food, meat, turkey, chicken, fish, casseroles, re-heated foods, bread, yogurt, candy, barbecue and deep fry.

The Martha Review

The Chef Remi cooking thermometer is the greatest and very stylish. It’s comfortable to hold without slipping and the stainless steel probe won’t rust.


FAST and ACCURATE. These are two words that describe this thermometer the best… and to be honest, those are the two words that really matter.


The Chef Remi Digital Cooking Thermometer is a kitchen must have. It has not failed me so far…It is fast, accurate and it is quite versatile.

Good Ideas & Tips

So far, the Chef Remi Cooking Thermometer has worked really well and with precision. Heck, I’ve even taken my own temperature with it….no fever! All in all, great thermometer.

Creative Couponing

I had an analog prior to this, but it took so long to get the reading and I could never be sure if the food had cooled down below the temp because I had the oven open too long or if the reading was accurate. With the Chef Remi Cooking Thermometer you get an instant read of temperature so no more guessing!

Mama’s Thoughts

When I received Chef Remi’s Cooking Thermometer it was exactly what I needed to ensure my investment was worth buying and my meat came out extremely juicy, moist, tender, and amazing, as well as perfectly cooked, ever time!

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