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Welcome to Chef Remi

Hey there!

Welcome to Chef Remi, my name is Jo and like many of you, my partner & I are and always have been very busy working parents.

As such, although we love our daughter with all our heart there just sometimes isn’t the time in the day to spend that quality time kids so desperately need, especially in todays world of YouTube & mobile phones, let alone cook her (and us) nourishing homemade meals.

Takeaways and convenience foods became the norm and 3 years ago I noticed as a family we were all lacking in energy and definitely on the ‘portly’ side!

The Change

We decided to make a change. We wanted to learn how to create tasty, but quick wholesome, nourishing meals for us all.

On our journey to creating easy and fun meals in the kitchen, we discovered how inadequate some of the most basic kitchen accessories are.

Plus as a ‘non cook’ I wanted tools that made cooking easy and fun!

We decided to source kitchen accessories from around the world that were robust, safe, built to last and so easy my 10 year old could use them.

After a fun evening playing word games while cooking, our daughter’s imaginative flare came up with our brand name, and ‘Chef Remi’ was born!


Thebrand has been created to save the day for busy working parents.

To provide kitchen and grilling accessories that not only make cooking easy & fun, but are made from the highest quality materials that will never let you down.

They will enable you to spend more time as a family, instead of spending hours slaving away cooking and cleaning in the kitchen.

Our products are more than just ‘kitchen accessories’, they’re a lifestyle change.


We believe that, in today’s hectic modern world, spending time with our families is more important than ever before.

Cultures all around the world use food as a way of bringing their families together around a table.   Therefore, we at Chef Remi are 100% committed to designing genuine quality kitchen accessories to support busy parents that take the time to cook for their family.

Not only that, we want to make sure we give you complete peace of mind, so you’re spending your precious spare time with the people that matter, not worrying about buying or ordering kitchen products!

Here’s what we offer with our products:

  • Lifetime Guarantee - 100% returns guarantee - If your Chef Remi item does not live up to our promise of a lifetime’s use, we will replace the item at no charge to you, or we will refund you.
  • Safe and secure ordering - Once you place an order with us, we will send you an email receipt to let you know that it was successfully placed. If there are any problems with your order, we will email you within 24 hours and resolve the situation with you
  • Free Shipping on ALL orders - We have no minimum spend to receive free shipping. Every single order taken, no matter how large or small, we ship completely free of charge.
  • A great sense of humor – While we are serious in our endeavor to provide you kitchen and grilling accessories that do exactly what they are supposed to, and save you time in the kitchen, we still love to have a laugh! Expect to see us having lots of fun with the Chef Remi brand!


My partner Rhett and I are life and business partners and have been for 10 years. Having built up several businesses in different industries, we are deeply commited to Chef Remi, which was inspired by our need to spend more quality time with our daughter, and ensure she eats nutritious, home cooked meals.

Believe me, if I can do it, despite my lack of kitchen skills and my heavy workload, then so can you!


Let customers speak for us

5245 reviews
Cindy said: Perfect Burgers

I love this burger press, it makes the perfect burger every time. I love the non-stick, makes this so easy to use and so easy to clean.

Cindy said: Superior Cutting Board

I love this cutting board. It is a nice size so I can do a lot at one time. I like that it is reversible, that makes this doubly convenient. The one side has a groove the whole way around the edge which catches any liquids so I don't have a mess on my counter. It's quality material and cleans up nicely.

Cindy said: I love these measuring cups

This is such a nice set. I love the sizes, a size for different needs. The 4 cup is great for mixing in as well

Marie said: Grill brush

This grill brush is huge! It makes cleaning the grill so much faster then the tiny brushes that I normally find. I have been using it for a month now and it's still in amazing shape. Will last for a long time

Gene Cantwell said: Chef Remi BBQ Grill Brush

This is my second of this particular brush. I like the first one very much and it lasted through many cleanings. It was also very strong. I have broken some lesser made brushes. My only complaint is that the first one had a hook on it that I could hang in a specific spot on the grill. I ordered this one specifically because I though it would have the hook on the end like it predecessor. Alas, it didn't. We drilled the end and installed a hook ourselves. I would have given it 5 stars had it come with the hook attached. I would suggest not removing the hook for future orders. (It still shows in the picture on the website)