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43 minutes ago - Kitchen Whisk Set
Cindy Morin said: Best whisk I have used!

These whisks are so comfortable to hold and use. They connect well with the bottom of a bowl or glass so they mix everything beautifully. As soon as this set arrived, I threw away my metal whisk set because they had rust marks. No more rust with this amazing silicon set! So easy to clean. I have recommended them to my family and friends. Perfect for every kitchen!

NK Wilkerson said: Best Chef Knife I Have!

I received the Chef Remi Chef Knife and could not wait to use it. It has a very sharp blade and nice handle. The handle felt secure in my hand. This is a very well made knife. The squash, celery, onions, and even tomatoes were cut easily and evenly. After cleaning it I tried it on watermelon. Awesome! This will definitely be on my list for bridal shower kitchen gifts. I love and definitely recommend it. It gets 5 stars from me!

10 hours ago - Chef Remi Can Opener
Tammy Taylor said: Good quality

This can opener is really good. It is easy to use and you can tell that it is a good quality can opener and worth the price.

Trenee said: Love them!

When i received my measuring cups in the mail I was using them less than an hour later. I love them already! I was so tired of measuring and then having to habe a few different containers or bowls to pour the stuff in. Now I can just use the different measuring cups for my ingredients and I love that when I need a little of an ingredient I can use the cute little measuring cup. I think everyone should buy a set.

Melissa spaulding said: Amazing paring knife

I absolutely love this knife it is very sharp and peels and slices great. It has become my favorite. I can slice thing very thin with it and the handle is so comfortable so if you have a lot to peel it is not total torture on your hands. The quality of it is amazing.