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Je’mapelle Chef Remi, welcome to my site!

I am delighted to bring to you the finest in kitchen utensils to make your time in the kitchen even more efficient and enjoyable than it already is.

Whether you’re a Master Chef, a Home cook, a Culinarian, a cooking enthusiast, a dab hand in the kitchen or all of the above, you’ll love my high quality and easy to use kitchen tools, at an affordable price, all lovingly designed, created, shipped & sold by me & my magnifique team!

When you purchase a Chef Remi kitchen accessory, you’re not just buying a kitchen utensil, you’re becoming a member of the Chef Remi community!

I love to regularly publish recipes, how to guides, cooking tips, videos, & cook books all designed to appeal to your love of adventurous cooking.

In fact let’s get started right now! Before you head off to browse my exciting, time saving utensils, here are my top 5 time cooking tips:


1. Tired of soggy omelets? This is because, when you cook eggs, the proteins in the yolk pull in tight. This can cause them to squeeze fluid out from the curds, which is why you sometimes end up with a soggy omelet when cooking.  

After whisking your eggs well, add a pinch of salt and leave for about 15 minutes. When you come back, you’ll find the egg mixture is a much deeper color.  

The salt stops the proteins from bonding, which stops the curds from releasing liquid, and you’ll get a much fluffier omelet with no sogginess.

2. If you are cooking chicken with skin on, rub the skin with a little oil or butter, and sprinkle salt and pepper. The skin will crisp up beautifully.

If taking skin off, don’t bother seasoning as it won’t penetrate the skin anyway.

And if no skin at all, NEVER add salt as the salt will draw out moisture during grilling, leaving you with dry, rubbery chicken!

3. Want delicious smoked meats? Replace the wood chips for whole spices! I love using cinnamon sticks, cardamom pods and cloves.  

Cover your spices with cold water and soak for 1-4 hours.

In your smoker, make sure the coals are spread evenly at the bottom of the grill to create a single level fire, and then add the soaked spices. Let the grates heat up, and allow smoke to fill the grill by covering with the lid for 5 minutes, before adding your meat.

4. Hate how hard boiled eggs crack during boiling? Make a pinprick at the bottom of the rounded end of each egg to allow pressure (steam) to escape.

There is an air pocket between the egg shell and the egg white and, during boiling, pressure can build up, which is what causes the shell to crack.

5. Want a flavorsome way of keeping a roast from touching the bottom of a roasting pan? Most people use a wire rack, which does the job of keeping the bottom of the roast from becoming soggy or sticking to the pan. However, you can accomplish this AND add a massive flavor punch.

Create a layer of celery, carrot, whole shallots and apple in the roasting pan, and then place the roast on top. This will really enhance the flavor of the roast!


I can’t wait to share my love of cooking with you, and recommend you head to the 'All Tools' page to get started!

Mes Amis! Merci! Thank you for stopping by.

I look forward to welcoming you to the Chef Remi community and wishing you Bon Appétit!

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5026 reviews
Natasha said: Functional, great size, even dishwasher safe!

I seriously CANNOT say enough good things about these tongs! Where to begin....they are heat resistant up to 600 degrees, which is awesome because I am known to melt a lot of my cookware (or use metal cookware, thus scratching my pans). They are dishwasher safe, which is awesome. The sizes are great and they're super functional, but honestly I think the best part is the little button at the top, which you pull up on to close them. I HATE how a lot of tongs stay open, taking up so much room in the silverware drawer--no worries with that here! And to top it off, they even come with a lifetime warranty! This is my first Chef Remi purchase--I will definitely be back for more!

John said: Bad can opener

This can opener opened a few cans then broke. Tried to contact customer service, no luck. Back to Wal-Mart $2.00 tool, much better.

Stefani Main said: Awesome thermometer

This thermometer works awesome. Easy to use and easy to read. Also love it comes with a cap for when you aren't using it!

Lisa Pope said: Love these tongs

This is a great set of tongs, I love that you set a set of two and that they are reasonable priced. They are very comfortable in my hand an are easy to maneuver while grabbing food. The rubber is high quality and like never having to worry about scratching my pans or them melting. They clean up great just with soap and water or in my dishwasher. The best part is the locking tab so they save space and are easy to carry around. I am thinking of buying more of these as house warming presents.

Sima Levin said: The best products

I am using a lot of Chef Remi products. All of them really good. The last is Kitchen sturdy shears. It is a
Multyfunctional thing. A cut the whole chicken with them, opened beer and cracked nuts. Cut plastic covers and more. They looked nice too. Recommend to everybody !