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Chef Remi Apple Slicer
Chef Remi Apple Slicer
Chef Remi Apple Slicer
Chef Remi Apple Slicer
Chef Remi Apple Slicer
Chef Remi Apple Slicer
Chef Remi Apple Slicer
Chef Remi Apple Slicer
  • Chef Remi Apple Slicer
  • Chef Remi Apple Slicer
  • Chef Remi Apple Slicer
  • Chef Remi Apple Slicer
  • Chef Remi Apple Slicer
  • Chef Remi Apple Slicer
  • Chef Remi Apple Slicer
  • Chef Remi Apple Slicer

Chef Remi Apple Slicer

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Ingenious 3-in-1 Solution - Split, Divide And Core Apples Or Pears With No Mess Or Fuss!


Ideal For:

    • Slicing and dividing a whole apple or pear in one downward movement – 8 times faster than using a knife!


    • Slicing safely without needing a dangerous knife – even children can use this tool!



    • Dividing fruit into 8 identical portions – almost impossible to accomplish with a knife



    • Cleanly coring an apple or pear at the same time as slicing, without wasting any flesh



    • Dividing potato / sweet potato into instant potato wedges



    • The cautious amongst us. Our products come with 100% lifetime guarantee, so you get to try it out risk free!


          A Super Handy Kitchen Tool

          Preparing apples and pears can be a real bore. Cutting even slices, removing the core etc. We're so used to living in a world where everything is pre-prepared.

          But fresh fruit is a must in any healthy diet. And it's much easier to get children to enjoy eating fresh fruit when they can be involved in the preparation.

          Anything that can actually make preparing fresh foods less of a chore is a real winner.

          Also, who doesn't love potato wedges? But making them from scratch can be a pain.

          It can be difficult cutting wedges that are equal in size, which inevitably means either undercooked large wedges or burnt small wedges when cooking.

          We've created a device that solves all these issues:

          Slice apples, pears and potatoes into 8 identical portions - almost impossible to create with a knife

          Slice a whole apple, pear or potato in one downward movement - at least 8 times faster than using a knife

          Cores apples and pears at the same time as slicing, without wasting flesh

          No sharp spear point (unlike a knife) so even children can safely use this tool

          We promise, once you have this apple slicer in your life, you'll never buy ready-sliced, packaged fruit, or pre-made potato wedges, ever again!

          Why Our Apple Slicer?

          The Chef Remi Apple Slicer splits and divides an apple, pear or a potato into 8 identical wedges, in just one downward movement. It's at least 8 times faster than using a standard knife!

          All the wedges are identical, which is difficult to achieve with a knife - perfect for when presentation is important, or when unequal pieces would lead to small pieces being burnt, or large pieces remaining undercooked.

          And, at a large 4.5" diameter, even large, oversized apples and potatoes are no match for this apple slicer!

          Also, as there are no sharp spear points on this device, and the blades are enclosed within the cushioned handles, even children can use this tool safely.

          The blades are made from food-grade, 18/8 stainless steel, with added chrome, so they will remain sharp for many years - will never rust, corrode, dent, warp or dull.

          We've also added non-slip, ergonomically shaped handles, which are designed for comfort and safety, even when you have wet hands or slippery fingers.

          They're also stain and odor resistant, ensuring this device will last a lifetime, and we've even added an antimicrobial coating to repel microbes that can cause food contamination.

          What's more, the whole device is extremely lightweight, so you will never experience hand fatigue.

          Lastly, we wanted to create a device that was easy to own. Simply throw this device into the dishwasher ñ it will never chip, crack, rust or melt, even in high dishwasher temperatures.

          Our apple slicer also has an innovative flat design, unlike most other apple slicers on the market, so you can easily store it in crowded kitchen drawers.

          This is literally the only tool you'll ever need for preparing apples and pears, and instant potato wedges are now no longer frozen, additive-laden, pre-cut versions from a grocery store!

          Why Buy From Us

          We offer a 100% ‘cannot lose’ lifetime guarantee with all of our products. Chef Remi products are made from the highest quality materials and we consistently endeavor to provide you with the best kitchen products and customer support in the industry.

          However, we also know that we cannot please everyone all of the time. Therefore, if at any time you aren’t thrilled with your cutting board, just send a quick message to our friendly support desk ( and you'll receive an immediate replacement or refund, depending on the nature of the issue.

          No questions asked, no hard feelings, and absolutely no risk! We want you to become a lifetime customer here at Chef Remi and, as such, we’re prepared to offer a lifetime guarantee!


          Your Chef Remi Apple Slicer will become your go-to tool whenever you need fast and easy preparation of apples, pears or potatoes:

          1) Check the firmness of your apple, pear or potato. If very firm, cut in half horizontally through the core Our apple slicer has sharp 18/8 stainless steel blades, but if your food item is very firm, you may find it difficult to slice through in one movement.

          Cutting it in half makes life easier for you. If you are slicing an apple or pear, make sure, that you cut horizontally though the core. If you cut it vertically, the coring part of the apple slicer will not be able to core your fruit properly.

          2) Place your item on a flat surface You can use a kitchen countertop, but you may find juices spill out. We recommend you use a cutting board. If you have cut your food item in half horizontally due to it being firm, place it on the cutting board / counter top cut-side down.

          3) Place the apple slicer on top and ensure the diameter is larger than the food item Our apple slicer has a large 4.5” diameter, so you can cut even oversized apples or potatoes. However, if you do have an unusually large food item, you may need to trim it to size.

          4) If slicing an apple or pear, ensure the middle coring tool is directly above the central core The circular coring tool will cut through the middle of your apple or pear, and remove the core.

          5) Grip both handles and firmly press down to cut through food item Keep up the pressure until you have cut clean through to the bottom.


          Q: How is this safer than using a knife?

          A: Traditionally, apples, pears and potatoes could only be sliced using a knife. Not only is this process slow, it’s easy to cut yourself, and it’s certainly a task you would never give to a child! Our apple slicer has sharp, food-grade stainless steel blades, but they are completely enclosed in our thermoplastic (TPR) handle. Slice through by pushing the device down over the food. There are no sharp spear points, unlike on a knife, so preparing apples, pears and potatoes is now not only easier, it’s much safer!

          Q: How does this device create apple slices?

          A: This apple slicer can handle apples, pears and potatoes with a diameter of up to 4.5”. Simply place the device on top of the food item. If it is an apple or pear, make sure the central coring part is directly over the core. Now, grab hold of the soft, cushioned handles on either side, and push down until the device cuts through to the bottom to create 8 even slices. Much faster than a knife creating slices one by one.

          Q: I have reduced mobility in my hands – can I use this apple slicer?

          A: Yes. Our ergonomically shaped handles, with a nonslip coating, means this device will feel comfortable in your hands, and you will stay in control, even if your hands are wet with water, or slippery with food juices.

          Q: What is this apple slicer made from?

          A: The blades are made from rust-free 18/8 stainless steel, and the handles are made from durable, food-grade thermoplastic (TPR) that is stain and odor resistant.

          Q: Will the blades stay sharp or will they blunt?

          A: We have used super-sharp, 18/8 stainless steel with added chrome, so they will remain sharp for many years – will never rust, corrode, warp or dull. We back this up with our Lifetime Guarantee!

          Q: Are they easy for left handed people to use?

          A: Our apple slicer has been designed to be used by left and right handed people. It is a circular device, which means usage is exactly the same, whether you are left or right handed.

          Q: Is this dishwasher safe?

          A: Absolutely! Simply place our apple slicer into the dishwasher. This blades will never rust or dull, and the handles will never crack, warp or melt, even at high dishwasher temperatures.


          Let customers speak for us

          5245 reviews
          Cindy said: Perfect Burgers

          I love this burger press, it makes the perfect burger every time. I love the non-stick, makes this so easy to use and so easy to clean.

          Cindy said: Superior Cutting Board

          I love this cutting board. It is a nice size so I can do a lot at one time. I like that it is reversible, that makes this doubly convenient. The one side has a groove the whole way around the edge which catches any liquids so I don't have a mess on my counter. It's quality material and cleans up nicely.

          Cindy said: I love these measuring cups

          This is such a nice set. I love the sizes, a size for different needs. The 4 cup is great for mixing in as well

          Marie said: Grill brush

          This grill brush is huge! It makes cleaning the grill so much faster then the tiny brushes that I normally find. I have been using it for a month now and it's still in amazing shape. Will last for a long time

          Gene Cantwell said: Chef Remi BBQ Grill Brush

          This is my second of this particular brush. I like the first one very much and it lasted through many cleanings. It was also very strong. I have broken some lesser made brushes. My only complaint is that the first one had a hook on it that I could hang in a specific spot on the grill. I ordered this one specifically because I though it would have the hook on the end like it predecessor. Alas, it didn't. We drilled the end and installed a hook ourselves. I would have given it 5 stars had it come with the hook attached. I would suggest not removing the hook for future orders. (It still shows in the picture on the website)