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Chef Remi Cutting Board
Chef Remi Cutting Board
Chef Remi Cutting Board
Chef Remi Cutting Board
Chef Remi Cutting Board
Chef Remi Cutting Board
Chef Remi Cutting Board
Chef Remi Cutting Board
Chef Remi Cutting Board
Chef Remi Cutting Board
  • Chef Remi Cutting Board
  • Chef Remi Cutting Board
  • Chef Remi Cutting Board
  • Chef Remi Cutting Board
  • Chef Remi Cutting Board
  • Chef Remi Cutting Board
  • Chef Remi Cutting Board
  • Chef Remi Cutting Board
  • Chef Remi Cutting Board
  • Chef Remi Cutting Board

Chef Remi Cutting Board

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Main Features:


  • LIFETIME GUARANTEE - The Chef Remi Multifunction Cuttingboard comes with a 100% Money Back Lifetime Warranty. Try It RISK FREE Today!


  • ANTIBACTERIAL & ANTIMICROBIAL KITCHENWARE – Innovative protective coating is resistant to raw juices being absorbed into grain. Cleans quicker than a dishwasher - Simply wash with soap / detergent and water, and air dry. Treat with any good mineral oil.


  • KEEPS KNIFE SHARP – Premium beautiful handmade wooden design protects blade from dulling. Work with all household utensils, such as knives, shears, scissors and other items and accessories with confidence. Yet the smooth finish is durable enough for carving, slicing and all culinary, heavy-duty, even professional or commercial cooking preparation.


  • REVERSIBLE SURFACE WITH JUICE CANAL – Crafted with a functional perimeter groove lip that collects liquid drips. Plus nonslip, non-skid construction to protect kitchen counter. Easy to clean and strong, will withstand warping (unlike bamboo).


  • ECO-FRIENDLY NATURAL ALTERNATIVE – Unique green alternative to synthetic acrylic, plastic, silicone cutting boards, breadboards, cookware, and dinnerware. Use for all food prep. Carve meat such as beef or chicken legs. Chop vegetables such as potatoes or carrots. Lightweight construction, easy to use as tray to serve foods like cheese & crackers, pastry, bread or sushi.

Why Our Wooden Cutting Board is So Awesome!

Did You Know That Wooden Cutting Boards Are Endorsed By US Health Agencies?

A number of years ago, the US health department advised using synthetic cutting boards, such as plastic, acrylic or silicone, because they were considered more ‘sanitary.’

These materials are non-porous and therefore didn’t absorb liquids (such as meat juices, which could cause dangerous contamination if fruit or vegetables were cut on the same board later).

Unfortunately, this well-intentioned advice was wrong. Yes, synthetics are non-porous, but they are also easily scratched and scarred with a knife. These grooves are rarely 100% clean, even after a high temperature run in the dishwasher, or after bleaching.

The University of Wisconsin conducted an eye opening study which found that wood surfaces, even when scared with a knife, had the miraculous ability to draw the bacteria away from the cutting surface deep into the board and even kill it.

Since these findings, US health agencies now wholeheartedly endorse wooden chopping boards, whether in demanding professional kitchens, or the home kitchen.

Why Rubber Wood?

The perfect wooden cutting board would be:

    Fast growing, and therefore sustainable (we can’t just keep chopping down trees and expect the world to survive!)

    Hardwood that is capable of withstanding knife scars, and will not warp, bend or split, unlike soft wood

    Close-grain, and therefore less porous and not likely to absorb much liquid (such as meat juices, which could cause dangerous contamination if fruit or vegetables were cut on the same board later)

    Low or no silica (a hard mineral quartz found in some woods), so your precious knives will not dull.

    We immediately discounted oak and beech, as these are slow growing trees, and cutting them down is unsustainable.

    Bamboo is not even a wood, but a grass, and therefore needs lots of fillers to keep the board together, which means they can splint, break and warp extremely easily.

    Acacia and teak are high in silica, which will dull knife blades.

    Maple fits all the criteria we look for in the perfect cutting board, but it is very expensive. We want to make sure that health and safety was available for all families.

    We chose rubber wood as it fits all of the criteria; sustainable, close-grain hardwood with no silica – the perfect board, for you, your knives and the environment!

Why Buy From Us

We offer a 100% ‘cannot lose’ lifetime guarantee with all of our products. Chef Remi products are made from the highest quality materials and we consistently endeavor to provide you with the best kitchen products and customer support in the industry.

However, we also know that we cannot please everyone all of the time. Therefore, if at any time you aren’t thrilled with your cutting board, just send a quick message to our friendly support desk ( and you'll receive an immediate replacement or refund, depending on the nature of the issue.

No questions asked, no hard feelings, and absolutely no risk! We want you to become a lifetime customer here at Chef Remi and, as such, we’re prepared to offer a lifetime guarantee!

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Your Chef Remi Cutting Board really is your bacteria fighting partner. There is no need to overdo the cleaning and sanitizing.

However, wood is a natural, living and breathing substance, so give it a little TLC and it will reward you with a lifetime of use!

  1. NEVER submerge your board in water, and never place into a dishwasher, as all types of wood absorb water into the core, which can make your board warp or split. All it requires is a wet or damp cloth wiped over the surface after each use.
  2. Always dry your board afterwards by wiping with an absorbent cloth, and then leave to dry by standing it up. If you dry it flat, there’s a chance the bottom side will remain wet and absorb water into the core.
  3. Do not store the board in an enclosed area. It may seem dry, but condensation and moisture can still occur, which can cause all wood to degrade.
  4. If you live in a humid climate, or your kitchen always has residual moisture in the air, and therefore your board never gets the chance to dry out completely, wipe down your cutting board each time with a solution of white vinegar and water (instead of just water).
  5. We recommend using stainless steel blades on all wooden cutting board. Carbon steel knife blades can cause the iron in these knives to react with the wood, causing black stains. Not all carbon blades will cause staining, as it depends on how much iron is in each blade, but to be on the safe side, we recommend you use stainless steel knives that have no iron in them, such as the Chef Remi Chef’s Knife, Bread Knife, and Paring Knife.
  6. Season your board with food-safe mineral oil regularly. Read How To Season Your Wooden Cutting Board With Oil for simple instructions. When you oil your wooden board regularly, you create a moisture-proof barrier which stops your cutting board absorbing food juices, water and odor. We recommend you do this once a month, if you are a heavy, daily cutting board user, or about 2-3 times a year if only using lightly.
  7. Troubleshooting:

    If you haven’t seasoned your board with mineral oil, and have got some staining or odor issues, follow these tips.

    1. If you have used your board for some heavy duty meat / fish prep where lots of meat juices have been absorbed, add some vinegar to a paper towel and wipe over the surface to kill the surface bacteria. Remember, wood has a natural ability to kill bacteria, but using vinegar on your board boosts this natural ability.
    2. If you've been cutting garlic, onions, fish, or anything else that has left an obvious odor on your board, either cut a lemon in half and use the cut side to rub lemon juice all over the board, or add a few drop of bottled lemon juice to a paper towel and wipe over to remove odor
    3. If there are food juice stains on your board that cannot be removed with wiping over with a damp cloth, wring out a paper towel with some cold water and then dip the towel in salt. Now rub the surface in a circular motion to remove stains and brighten your board.


Q: What is the size of the cutting board?

A: 16 x 10 inches

Q: How thick is the board?

A: It's 1/2'', thick enough to be durable without being cumbersome to move.

Q: Has the wood been stained or varnished?

A: No, but there is an innovative protective coating added that is resistant to raw juices being absorbed into grain. This coating will wear away over time, but you can keep your cutting board resistant to absorbing juices by treating it with mineral oil or butcher block oil (see next question).

Q: Should I regularly oil this wooden cutting board? If so, what do I use?

A: We highly recommend you oil this cutting board. As with all wood, seasoning with oil is a good thing every now and then. Plus, it makes your board naturally moisture and stain resistant. For more information on how to season your board, and what oils to use, read how to season your wooden cutting board with oil.

Q: Can raw meat be used on these cutting boards?

A: Yes. Just make sure you wipe the surface well after use. Also, you can disinfect the surface thoroughly by wiping with some vinegar.

Q: How is the board non-skid? Does it have "feet"?

A: No, we have not added ‘feet’ as they tend to be useless and fall off. Our cutting board is naturally slip resistant on most kitchen countertops (if your countertops are wet or damp, place your cutting board on top of paper towels).

Q: Is it dishwasher safe?

A: No! Never put any wooden kitchen items into the dishwasher. Remember that wood is a living, breathing material, and will absorb water when drenched in a dishwasher. Wood is naturally antibacterial, so does not need to be soaked through to be thoroughly clean. All this cutting board requires is a simple wipe over with a damp cloth. For heavy staining, please read how to remove stains, odor and bacteria from your wooden cutting board.

Q: Can you use a sharp meat cleaver on it?

A: Absolutely! Go ahead and use your sharpest meat cleaver, as well as your sharpest knives, on this cutting board. Rest assured, the rubber wood will never blunt or dull your blades.

Q: Is the juice canal necessary?

A: It’s not necessary in that, if juices do spill off a cutting board onto countertops, the spillage can be easily mopped up with towels or a sponge. However, it’s these small things that can become a great annoyance, so we expect you to love how conveniently the groove canal collects juice and drips. Also, the board is reversible, so if you don’t need the canal, just flip it over to the non-canal side.

Q: Is it one-piece or glued together from multiple pieces?

A: It is made from one piece of rubber wood. There are no cracks or layers that need filling with glue (which is what causes inferior wooden and bamboo boards to crack, warp or splint).

Q: Will this board warp or split easily?

A: Absolutely not! Our cutting board is made from one-piece hard rubber wood (not several pieces which are then glued together, which is what causes inferior wooden and bamboo boards to crack, warp or splint). Also, rubber wood is naturally less porous than most other woods, so it will absorb less liquid. All in all, this means this cutting board has been designed to last a lifetime, without warping or splitting due to liquid absorption and glue deterioration.

Q: Can it be reversed to a flat, non-grooved side?

A: Yes! We have designed this cutting board to be reversible and, therefore, you can prepare more food without having to stop and clean in between. Use the grooved, juice canal side to cut anything that releases lots of juices. Switch to the other side to cut dry items.A: Yes! We have designed this cutting board to be reversible and, therefore, you can prepare more food without having to stop and clean in between. Use the grooved, juice canal side to cut anything that releases lots of juices. Switch to the other side to cut dry items.

Q: Is the rubber wood used harvested from rainforests?

A: Certainly not! Rubber wood that grows naturally in the Amazon rainforest should be protected. Instead, our rubber wood comes from trees in rubber plantations which have stopped producing latex (when the trees are about 25-30 years old). As the trees have stopped creating latex, previously they would have been felled and destroyed, to make way for new trees. Now this wood can be recycled and used to create durable wooden items, such as these cutting boards.

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5245 reviews
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Cindy said: Superior Cutting Board

I love this cutting board. It is a nice size so I can do a lot at one time. I like that it is reversible, that makes this doubly convenient. The one side has a groove the whole way around the edge which catches any liquids so I don't have a mess on my counter. It's quality material and cleans up nicely.

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This is such a nice set. I love the sizes, a size for different needs. The 4 cup is great for mixing in as well

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This grill brush is huge! It makes cleaning the grill so much faster then the tiny brushes that I normally find. I have been using it for a month now and it's still in amazing shape. Will last for a long time

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This is my second of this particular brush. I like the first one very much and it lasted through many cleanings. It was also very strong. I have broken some lesser made brushes. My only complaint is that the first one had a hook on it that I could hang in a specific spot on the grill. I ordered this one specifically because I though it would have the hook on the end like it predecessor. Alas, it didn't. We drilled the end and installed a hook ourselves. I would have given it 5 stars had it come with the hook attached. I would suggest not removing the hook for future orders. (It still shows in the picture on the website)