Kitchen Whisk Set
Kitchen Whisk Set
Kitchen Whisk Set
Kitchen Whisk Set
Kitchen Whisk Set
  • Kitchen Whisk Set
  • Kitchen Whisk Set
  • Kitchen Whisk Set
  • Kitchen Whisk Set
  • Kitchen Whisk Set

Kitchen Whisk Set

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  • LIFETIME GUARANTEE - The Chef Remi 2-Piece Kitchen Whisk Set comes with a 100% Money Back Lifetime Warranty. If you're not happy or satisfied for any reason, just contact us. Try It RISK FREE Today!


  • BEST DOUBLE PACK PROFESSIONAL MULTIFUNCTION SILICON WHISKS – Essential, classic cooking accessories available for the home cook or pro chef in restaurants. High performance large 11 inch & small 8 inch teardrop shaped whiskers that are sturdy, stain resistant and won’t melt from high temperatures on heater. Will never rust, or scratch skillets or bowls, unlike metal or steel versions. The perfect assistant for all daily cookery tasks in the house, or outside for cookouts, will last a life time.


  • ERGONOMIC HANDLE DESIGN – Soft, innovative handles designed to give your hands and palms complete comfort and absorb pressure, as well as good grip. Comfortable for anyone who suffers from arthritis of the hands. Mini narrow whisk can be used as a frother for milk, as a whipper for cream, a beater for egg yolks or buttermilk, whisking up vinaigrette, juice etc. Big whisk can be used as a blender or masher for vegetables, for stirring lumps out of sauces or batter etc.


  • MAKES ALL FOOD PREPARATION EASY – Extremely light utensils allows you to be confident in all food prep, such as beating, blending, mixing etc. Use with all dry and wet ingredients. You will love how much easier it is to whip up volumes of fresh egg white, or blend icing sugar into perfect whisper soft icing. Be confident that you’ll get no lumps in your mixtures as you stir. Ideal to add into gift basket for weddings, birthdays, Christmas etc.


  • DISHWASHER SAFE AND SPACE-SAVING - Our products are so easy to clean. Just throw into dishwasher, or wash well with soap and water. Whiskset have a handy hanging hole on each whisk for stress-free storage and tidy household. Or store in kitchen drawers as the T-shape flexible coils fit flat into any drawer. Our premium whisks are a must have replacement for your old metal, silver or wooden hardware whisks. These mixers are the best money can buy on USA market.

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3153 reviews
Deb Koprowski said: Excellent jar opener

Just wonderful! Thank you so very much!

3 hours ago - Kitchen Whisk Set
Marionette said: Great Pair of Whisks!

I am a beginner in baking, and this set of whisks are fantastic. Made with excellent quality materials that won't scratch or fade and the no-slip handles are great, making it easy to hold on to. This makes my beating, mixing and blending so much easier. The handle is so comfortable to use and to have two sizes are impressive! Great addition to my kitchen indeed!

6 hours ago - Kitchen Spatula Set
Jodie B said: Real Quality + Lifetime Guarantee = You can't lose!!!

These spatulas are well made and have a nice substantial feel in the hand. We love to cook and grill and make most everything from scratch. We have gone thru way to many cheap flimsy junky spatulas. We wanted something that would hold up to daily use and last no matter if we were making pancakes or porkchops. These babies do the job!

They are high heat resistant to above 400 degrees and they feel like a real tool. There is a nice weight and balance when you use them.

The lifetime guarantee is a wonderful bonus but I don't see us needing to replace either of these for a very very long time.

Jodie B said: High Quality Utensils

These spoons are very well made and have a nice heft in the hand. They are head and shoulders above anything you will find in your local box or kitchen gadget store. These will be in your kitchen forever. I love that they are super high temp proof (+400degrees) so don't have to worry about melting or warping one. The silicone spoon rest is also super handy and a really nice size. The rest holds the spoon but doesn't take up much room on your counter. All in all these are really nice, high quality spoons.

12 hours ago - Kitchen Spatula Set
Jennifer Jacobsen-Wood said: Very sturdy, well-made spatulas

I bought this two pack of spatulas and they are excellent. Well-crafted, very sturdy, and useful. I believe they will last a long time.