Liquid Chalk Marker Pens
Liquid Chalk Marker Pens
Liquid Chalk Marker Pens
Liquid Chalk Marker Pens
Liquid Chalk Marker Pens
  • Liquid Chalk Marker Pens
  • Liquid Chalk Marker Pens
  • Liquid Chalk Marker Pens
  • Liquid Chalk Marker Pens
  • Liquid Chalk Marker Pens

Customer Review:

I LOVE these chalk markers!!! There are eight different colors, all bright and vivid. I thought they wouldn’t be as vibrant however, I was totally wrong. So, to start off, you must get the liquid down to the tip of the pen by pushing the tip in, and out several times. I did this till I could see the color run into the tip and once saturated, writing was very smooth. They easily came off on surfaces I tried them like the file cabinet, mirror, window panes. It was amazing how bright they were and a wet wipe took it right off with no problem. It was very easy to clean up too, I have a magnetic board on the refrigerator to leave messages and note appointments these chalks colors make it look so colorful. Now the board that used to fill up quickly with sticky’s, slide down the side of the refrigerator, hard to erase and clean are no longer. I now use the markers, and I sometimes use them directly on the refrigerator if I want to be silly. The colors are bright, they stand out, write smooth, and come off easily.

By Marine_Wifey

Liquid Chalk Marker Pens


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Main Features:


  • VIVID VERSATILITY - If you’re looking for the ultimate in versatility along with beautiful vivid colour then look no further with our chalk pens. Easily create amazing pictures, signs, price lists, menus, birthday decorations and more. Can be used on any and all non-porous surfaces including menu boards, bistro boards, chalk labels, whiteboards, chalkboards, signs, restaurant windows, mirrors, glass, metal tiles and more. (Always test before use)


  • EASY NON MESS CLEAN-UP - No running, no dripping and no dust! These liquid chalk paint markers set simply wipe away with a damp cloth so you can get ready to start your next creation! Wipe and Erase!


  • 8 VIBRANT COLORS - Red, White, Green Yellow, Purple, Blue, Pink. Our chalk markers are high-quality, super-concentrated liquid chalk is more vibrant than regular chalk to create unique, eye-catching designs or offers.


  • REVERSIBLE TIPS - Make your design even more vibrant with our reversible fine or thick tipped marker pens including a white chalk paint marker. Great for cafes, restaurants, bistros, bars, offices, business owners, entrepreneurs, chefs and schools alike.


  • 100% MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE - Buy your own set of Chef Remi Coloring Markers today with COMPLETE CONFIDENCE. Order now and try them in your own home, office or restaurant. In the highly unlikely event that you're not absolutely thrilled with these coloring pens, simply let us know for an immediate replacement.

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