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Non-Stick Burger Press
Non-Stick Burger Press
Non-Stick Burger Press
Non-Stick Burger Press
Non-Stick Burger Press
Non-Stick Burger Press
Non-Stick Burger Press
Non-Stick Burger Press
Non-Stick Burger Press
Non-Stick Burger Press
Non-Stick Burger Press
  • Non-Stick Burger Press
  • Non-Stick Burger Press
  • Non-Stick Burger Press
  • Non-Stick Burger Press
  • Non-Stick Burger Press
  • Non-Stick Burger Press
  • Non-Stick Burger Press
  • Non-Stick Burger Press
  • Non-Stick Burger Press
  • Non-Stick Burger Press
  • Non-Stick Burger Press

Non-Stick Burger Press

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Why Buy Shop-Bought Patties? Create Tasty, No-Gunk, No-Additive Burgers Right At Home!


Ideal For:


    • Creating homemade patties made from real ingredients, not laden with fillers, ‘glues’ and additives.


    • Making burgers that are just the right density to not fall apart when cooking and flipping on grill.


    • Creating burgers that are succulent and juicy, and not dense and dry.
    • Making patties from all sort of ingredients, such as chicken, turkey, shrimp, steak, buffalo and fish.


    • Delighting vegetarian and vegan friends by making unique burger patties from vegetables, lentil or tofu.


    • Making perfect patties anywhere; camping trips, fishing trips, picnics or holidays.


    • The cautious amongst us. Our products come with 100% lifetime guarantee, so you get to try it out risk free!


          Product Description

          There’s just something about homemade burgers. Perhaps it’s the fact that you know that no ‘gunk’ has gone in to them.

          Or perhaps it’s just because you’ve chosen the best quality ground meat (everyone knows that shop bought burgers are made from all the ‘leftover’ unwanted meat from an animal).

          However, an issue with making homemade burgers is that they have a tendency to fall apart on the grill.

          Shop bought burgers have a lot of fillers that ‘glue’ the burger together. This is not the case with homemade burgers.

          To counteract this, many people make the mistake of overworking ground meat to try and prevent patties from falling apart. This removes most of the juices, which yields dry, dense and tasteless burgers.

          The Chef Remi Burger Press has been created to eliminate these problems:

          Provides just enough pressure to the ground meat to create patties that withstand falling apart on the grill

          Eliminates the need to work meat by hand to get it to ‘clump’ together, keeping the juices intact, which yields succulent, tender burgers

          Don’t just stop at using ground meat! You can now turn ground shrimp, fish, vegetables and even lentils or tofu into patties!

          The heavy duty smooth construction will allow you to use this press anywhere, indoors and outdoors. Take it to camping trips, cookouts, tailgating parties, holidays, or fishing trips.

          Seriously, why would you ever buy shop-bought, readymade burgers full, of gunk, fillers and additives, when creating your own succulent patties is this easy??

          Why Our Burger Press?

          Our Burger Press is constructed from ultra-strong, food-grade aluminum alloy that can be safely used with ALL foods.

          It’s guaranteed not to corrode from hot liquids or become dull over time.

          It will never chip (unlike ceramic), bend and rust (unlike iron), or melt and warp (unlike plastic and silicone tools).

          We have added a nonstick coating to the inside of the burger press, which effectively stops raw ground meat from sticking. You will turn out perfectly shaped patties every single time!

          We’ve also added interior ridges to the press, so each patty you produce gets a ribbed surface to create that seared look on the grill that everyone loves.

          The handle gives you just the right amount of pressure to create patties that stay together, without them becoming too dense, whilst the nonslip coating means you can keep producing patties, even when your hands are wet or slick with juices.

          The handle also easily detaches from the press, and stores away inside, which makes this tool ultra-portable. Store away into the tightest of kitchen drawers, as well as take anywhere on trips.

          Lastly, we wanted to create a burger press that was easy to clean. You can simply rinse clean with detergent & water, or throw it into the dishwasher.

          Test our Burger Press out. You’ll never go back to readymade patties from supermarkets ever again!

          Why Buy From Us

          We offer a 100% ‘cannot lose’ lifetime guarantee with all of our products. Chef Remi products are made from the highest quality materials and we consistently endeavor to provide you with the best kitchen products and customer support in the industry.

          However, we also know that we cannot please everyone all of the time. Therefore, if at any time you aren’t thrilled with your cutting board, just send a quick message to our friendly support desk ( and you'll receive an immediate replacement or refund, depending on the nature of the issue.

          No questions asked, no hard feelings, and absolutely no risk! We want you to become a lifetime customer here at Chef Remi and, as such, we’re prepared to offer a lifetime guarantee!

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          Your Chef Remi Burger Press will become your ultimate tool for juicy, homemade burgers:

          1) Scoop up to 1/2 pound of burger mix and roll into a ball with your hands No matter if your burger mix is made up of ground beef, chicken, turkey, pork or another ingredient, it needs to be even. Scoop up to 1/2 pound of the mixture into your hands and roll until you get an even, spherical ball.

          2) Place into the burger press tray and press down a little with fingers Using your fingers to flatten the ball slightly will help the burger press to make more even burgers.

          3) Place the burger press on top and press firmly down using the handle We’ve added a nonslip coating on the handle so you’ll still be able to apply pressure evenly, even when your hands are slick with meat juices or liquids. You’ll get perfect patties each time, without having to keep washing your hands!

          4) Turn the burger press tray upside down to remove your patty The inside of the burger press has a nonstick coating. Without this, your patty may stick inside the tray, and you’ll end up damaging it by trying to use a knife or other utensil to dislodge it. You’ll find that each patty will fall out effortlessly when you use this press.


          Q: What is the size of this burger press?

          A: This press will create patties that are 4.5” in diameter, with a depth of 0.7”.

          Q: What is this burger press made from?

          A: Our Burger Press is made from non-reactive, heavy gauge, food-grade aluminum alloy that can be safely used with ALL foods.

          Q: Why do homemade burgers fall apart so easily?

          A: Shop bought burgers have a lot of fillers that ‘glue’ the burger together. This is not the case with homemade burgers, which tend to be made from good, wholesome ingredients, which is great! Without this extra ‘gunk’ that is added into the production process of commercial, readymade burgers, homemade burgers made by hand can easily fall apart on the grill when flipping and serving. We’ve designed this burger press so you can create even shaped patties that are compressed just enough so they hold their shape on the grill.

          Q: Will these burger press rust?

          A: No. It simply cannot rust as it is not made from iron or steel. Aluminum in its purest form can corrode quite easily. However, we have used an aluminum alloy, which is completely resistant to corrosion, even after heavy duty use. You will get many years of use out of our burger press without corrosion issues. We back this up with our Lifetime Guarantee!

          Q: Why is it better to make patties using a burger press than by hand?

          A: Many people will work and knead the ground meat well, in an attempt to make sure their patties stay together on the grill and don’t fall apart. This certainly works, but the downside is that you also remove most of the juices in the meat, which means you get dry, dense and tasteless burgers. This burger press is designed to compress the ground meat just enough so the patty holds together, but without you needing to work the meat by hand. It means all the juices remain in the meat, which yields tasty, succulent, juicy burgers, every time!

          Q: Can I make stuffed patties with this burger press?

          A: Yes you can! Instead of scooping a 1/2 pound ball of ground meat to create a normal patty, we recommend you scoop a 1/4 pound ball, and then place this at the bottom of the press, pressing down with fingers to flatten slightly. Now, add in your stuffing mixture to the center, making sure you leave about 1” ring around the stuffing. Now scoop another 1/4 pound ball of ground meat and place on top, pressing down slightly with fingers. Now use the press to create your stuffed patty!

          Q: Is this dishwasher safe?

          A: Yes! When you have finished cooking, just pop this press into your dishwasher. It will never rust or corrode as it is made from aluminum alloy, which cannot rust and resists corrosion. We back this up with a 100% lifetime guarantee!


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          5026 reviews
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