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Baking Spatulas Set of 3 Non Stick Silicone Cooking Spatulas

Baking Spatulas Set of 3 Non Stick Silicone Cooking Spatulas

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The quality Chef Remi Spatula Set makes cooking, baking and cake decorating easier and faster, saving time and mess along the way! The sturdy spatulas are helpful for cooks with arthritis, shaky hands or cooks who are left-handed.

Useful & Versatile The Set of three includes:

1.       Big spoonula (half mix spoon, half spatula) with an angled curved edge, making it ideal for folding dough, flour, mixing batter and scooping

2.       Thin, square-shaped flexible spatula for scrambled eggs, turning over food such as omelettes, fish & pancakes

3.       Small and narrow spatula, thin enough to frost cakes and decorate cakes; use as a spreader for jam, butter, cream, buttercream etc & long enough to get the last bit of food from jars.

Heat Resistant - Up to 500°F Heat Resistance, the non-stick rubber Spatulas are useful for every use in the kitchen

Professional Finish – Using the Spatulas, your cakes and cookies will turn out looking professional and at chef standard. Our spatulas have wide handles which help you hold and grip the spatulas correctly; the perfect tools for easy stirring, folding, mixing, scraping etc. Convenient for cooks with unsteady hands, use with confidence and peace of mind.

Dishwasher Safe and Easy to Clean – Our Spatula Set can be conveniently placed in the dishwasher or washed by hand. Designed with a non-stick coating, the spatulas wash easily. The top part can be removed for thorough cleaning
Quality Material – Our spatulas are made of tough, BPA-Free food grade 100% pure silicone, designed to last a life-time with daily use. The spatulas should not melt, warp or shatter from high heat, unlike rubber, plastic, teflon, metal, nylon and wooden versions. Our silicone spatulas are stain resistant and won’t discolour from heavy use or heat when used according to directions.

Non-Scratch - The soft silicone bakeware will not leave scratch marks on your non-stick or coated pans and pots.

Easy to Store – Each spatula handle is designed with a hanging hole for ease of access. Alternately, they can be stored flat in kitchen drawer.

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