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How To Choose The Best Sink Strainer

Chef Remi Sink Strainer

It’s inevitable that, when washing food, some small particles will end up in the sink. The problem is when food particles accumulate.

This will clog up drains, which can... Read more +

Spinach & Honeyed Pecans Salad with Honey Dressing

Chef Remi RecipeThis is one of my favorite vinaigrettes, and my daughter seems to really like it when I perk up rice with any leftover dressing. Read more +

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2 hours ago - Kitchen Spatula Set
Suchitra Hunnicutt said: Great spatula

I have been wanting new spatulas since my old one melted while cooking. The fact that this one has a heat resistance is why I purchased it. So far, it has been great and I use them almost everyday

Sarah Burnett said: Excellent product

This product is great! It makes grating so easy with the storage tub at the bottom and is a lot bigger than expected! Would definitely recommend this product

Brandy Foote said: A must have thermometer in my eyes..

This is a must have thermometer.. I do a lot of BBQing and home cooked meals and this is by far the best thermometer I have used.. I like the backlight one it because I have a hard time seeing and it help me see the numbers better..

Erika Garcia said: Best knive Ive bought

This knife is so sharp from the moment you take it out of packing, it cuts very smoothly with minimal force , it's so smooth , I love it!

Justin Nordmeyer said: No more hand burning!

If you have ever used 2 forks to shred meat stop it right now and order these. You're welcome!