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2pc Kitchen Tongs Set Multipurpose Tong Set with Silicone Tips and Locking Clips

2pc Kitchen Tongs Set Multipurpose Tong Set with Silicone Tips and Locking Clips

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Our quality Food Tongs set of two sizes, makes cooking, barbequing and grilling easier, cleaner and more hygienic, as well as safer - saving time and mess along the way! The kitchen tongs are useful for frying or grilling meats, mixing salads and transferring hot food. The sturdy tongs are helpful for cooks with arthritis or weak hands as well as left-handed cooks. A gourmet cook’s favourite companion!

Practical Design Our tongs set is designed with a non-slip grip along the length, with thumb and forefinger molds imprinted, giving you complete grip and control. Its comfortable, soft grip gives confidence to grillers whilst using; flip meat, toss salads, transfer hot foods with the surety of its hold and non-slip silicone covers.

Quality Material The tongs are made of quality stainless steel and food grade silicone (10 times stronger than regular silicone). They are durable, sturdy, strong and made to last a very long while, even with heavy usage - when used as instructed and for intended use. It is also heat resistant up to 400 degrees. Use confidently with any kitchen dishes, pans and appliances, ex. Enamel, Teflon coated, Glass, Pyrex and also non-stick coated products.

Easy to Store Designed with hanging holes, the tongs can be hung for ease of access. The very secure ‘pull and lock’ system ensures the tongs are closed, making them easy to store.

Versatile The tongs are a home cook and commercial kitchen’s favourite accessory! They’ll come in handy whilst frying, cooking, transferring, grilling and… you’ll find out soon enough… it will become a favourite when trying to reach items that are too high up! The 9 inch and 12 inch tongs will become fast favourites for their own different uses and are often used as much outdoors as they are indoors!

Easy to Clean Our set of two tongs are dishwasher safe for convenience. Alternatively, they can we washed easily with soap and water and left to drain or towel dry.

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