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Pizza Cutter Stainless Steel Pizza Wheel Serrated Blade and Spatula

Pizza Cutter Stainless Steel Pizza Wheel Serrated Blade and Spatula

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The quality Chef Remi Pizza Cutter makes baking and serving pizza easier and faster, saving time and mess along the way! The sturdy pizza wheel is helpful for cooks with arthritis, shaky hands or cooks who are left-handed.
3-in-1 Features The sharp rolling blade (laser tested to check for durability and toughness to a high professional, culinary level), easily cuts through the thinnest or crustiest pizza base without tearing or breaking the pizza or toppings. The serrated blade edges will slice through the thickest, 'deep pan' pizza with ease. The spatula feature will ensure the pizza slices are served and plated neatly.

Innovative Design The heavy-duty plastic handle gives you a great grip, even with wet hands, reducing ache or numbness. Being lightweight, it will feel like an extension of your hand rather than an equipment.
Dishwasher Safe & Easy to Clean Designed with a non-stick coating, the pizza cutter washes easily under running soapy water or it can be conveniently placed in the dishwasher.

Quality Material Our pizza slicer is made of tough, quality stainless steel, designed to last a long while, even with daily use. The added chrome finish ensures it is rust-free & stain-resistant and won’t discolour from heavy use or heat, when used according to directions.

Easy to Store The pizza wheel stores flat, fitting into small kitchen drawers. The handle is designed with a hanging ring for ease of access.
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