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Latest 2pc Cooking Spoon Set with Silicone Spoon Rest Nonstick Kitchen Utensils Non - Stick

Latest 2pc Cooking Spoon Set with Silicone Spoon Rest Nonstick Kitchen Utensils Non - Stick

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Kitchen spoons are an essential tool in any kitchen, but most of us pay little attention to what our spoons are made of, which can make a massive difference to our cooking. Stainless steel is a robust material that remains rust free for a lifetime, but this robustness is also its undoing as it can scratch off the coating on nonstick pans, as well as damage glass or Pyrex cookware. 

Spoons made from other metals can not only scratch cookware, they can react with acidic ingredients (e.g. vinegar, lemon curd, tomato or BBQ sauce etc), leaving a nasty metallic taste, or even discoloring your food. 

Wooden spoons will not scratch cookware, nor react with acidic foods, but it is a natural porous substance, which means that, over time, it will absorb food juices and odors. Plastic spoons can melt and warp, and silicone spoons can leave an odor on foods. 

Nylon is the ultimate choice of material for kitchen spoons. It is heat resistant up to 410°F, and is soft so won't scratch nonstick coatings on pans. It's also non porous, so does not absorb food juices and odors, is hard wearing, does not react to acidic ingredients, will last many years without falling apart and, crucially, has been used in kitchen utensils for decades, so has a long history of safety. 

This is why it was our number one choice of material when constructing our kitchen spoons! Our 3 piece kitchen spoon set comprises of: Solid spoon for mixing and stirring of stews, soup, sauces, chili and dressings. Slotted spoon for draining vegetables from water, lifting meat from broth or stock, or removing fried foods from oil or fat. Spoon rest so you never mess up your countertops, or wonder where to lay your used spoons. Both spoons are made from super-strong, non-reactive, food-grade nylon that is stain & odor resistant, and heat resistant up to 410℉. Will not melt like cheap plastic, or discolor and retain odors like wood.
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